Captain Collect

This project utilises user-centric research to design a solution that makes recycling easier by reviving the Dying practise of Resource Recoverers (බෝතල් පත්තර).

Gaps in the Current System

For Consumers 
  • Do not have an easy way to discard recyclable material. 
  • Because of busy schedules, they are not home when the Resource Recoverers visit the neighbourhood. 
For Resource Recoverers
  • Consumers are found through luck, so the chance of making money every day is unpredictable. 
  • Small timers find it hard to make a living because of the increase in people with more facilities, like trucks, becoming collectors.
  • The collection and variety of materials found are unpredictable.


Employed the double-diamond design process, involving secondary research and a survey with 60 participants from Colombo to understand their recycling habits, followed by creating design preferences, ideation, and idea evaluation using the COCD box and Harris profile to formulate the final design solution.

User Research

A survey was conducted among 60 participants from Colombo to understand the recycling habits of the consumers.

Key Insights 

Design Solution

Develop a business that connects Resource Recoverers (බෝතල් පත්තර) / Collectors to consumers with an integrated system with a mobile application and SMS to make it easier for the consumer to discard recyclable material.

The system will consolidate and empower the Resource Recoverers (බෝතල් පත්තර) collectors, by making their collection process more efficient.

Journey Maps

Customer Journey

Customer/Resource Recoverers Journey


Final Product

Customer App

Collector App Demo

SMS & USSD Integration for Collectors

Research revealed that most Resource Recoverers don’t own smartphones. SMS & USSD Integration will be introduced to mitigate this.


Nimna Wickramasinghe
Poornima Meegammana
Ruqaiya Hassen